Small Business CRM Software

Blitz’s powerful Small Business CRM software is a program designed to keep employees on focused and on task.  Blitz provides free CRM software for 30 days!CRM software provides small businesses the tools they need to grow.  Web based and easy to use, Blitz’s Small Business CRM software  saves businesses time and money by organizing and automating tasks and processes.  Easily track and stay on top of leads, improve customer relationships, increase productivity, and run reports using one simple system.

talkbubble  Build lead and customer relationships

Get to know your clients by keeping detailed notes and automating emails and follow up appointments.  Blitz will remind you when to follow up with leads, and will send personalized emails to keep them informed and interested in your product or service.  Always find their information quickly and easily with our simple quick search feature.

opportunity  Improve staff productivity

Easily track what your staff is doing with simple reports and our neglected leads feature.  With automated appointments set up to follow your protocol, your staff will always know when to make calls and other important tasks.  If they aren’t keeping up, you will be the first to know.  You are also able to set up email notifications when certain actions take place in your account to keep close tabs on what is happening in your office—even when you aren’t there!

history-note  Customize your small business CRM software

Nothing in Blitz Lead Manager is static.  Our small business CRM software allows you to create custom fields to enter any data you want, define your unique sales process, set up custom templates and forms, and more.  With this freedom, Blitz is able to evolve with your business as you grow and make changes.

opportunities Free trial

We are so sure Blitz Lead Manager will transform your business, we are offering free CRM software for 14 days!  You will receive free training and support to help you customize and build the program to fit the needs of your office.

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