Lead Nurturing Best Practices

Blitz Lead Manager’s sales force automation software is a proven system to drive more sales by saving time and money on tedious tasks and replacing them with results.  By automating your sales team’s follow up process, this frees up valuable time for staff to focus on prospects and closing sales.


Become more efficient

  • Automatic reminders to follow up with leads at the highest chance of closing saves staff time chasing after leads that aren’t ready to buy
  • Simple one-click solution to log calls and notes allows for sales reps to move to the next call faster
  • Easily store prospect and customer information for quick access when necessary
  • VOIP technology integration automatically opens the contact’s information on inbound calls, while auto dialer integration gets users through calls up to 3 times faster

Manage and track results

  • Follow up consistency allows for more accurate insight into marketing changes that need to be made
  • Automatic scheduled tasks generates neglected leads so both staff and management can ensure no leads are falling through the cracks
  • Easily track staff performance and sales goals that align with your team’s custom sales force automation setup
  • Use reporting tools to coach staff and continue to improve and build an effective process
  • Manage this month’s pipeline, track pending sales opportunities, and determine which processes are leading to the most sales

projections             quick-add

Sales force automation in Blitz Lead Manager can be completely customized to fit any sales or follow up process.  The key is using a combination of automatic follow up reminders and automatic emails to prospects to hit leads at the most opportune times to sell.

  • New leads – Set up a process to follow up with real time leads while they are still hot
  • Existing leads – Set up an automatic requote process for leads that weren’t interested or couldn’t be contacted the first time around
  • Current customers – Cross selling or up selling existing customers is a easy way to gain more business while improving customer relationships
  • Past customers – Continue to follow up with past customers to gain their business back

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