Lead Log

  • The lead log has been enhanced within the Blitz Sales Follow-Up Software to provide a simpler interface and to speed up the adding of lead history.
  • Each section of the lead log is now displayed as it’s own tab. The four sections of the former lead log, Details, History, Opportunities, and Files, have become the first four tabs. Three other features have also been moved/added to the lead log, Directions, Send Email, and Lead Schedule.
    • Details Tab – The Details tab allows you to edit any of the leads information.
    • History Tab – The History tab allows you to add notes and update the lead’s milestone, status, and assigned to user.
    • Opportunities Tab – The Opportunities tab allows you to add and update the opportunities that are associated with the lead.
    • Files Tab – The Files tab allows you to attach a file to the lead.
    • Directions Tab – The Directions tab contains turn by turn directions from your office to the lead’s address.
    • Send Email Tab – The Send Email tab allows you to send an email to the lead.
    • Schedule Tab – The Schedule tab shows the upcoming schedule for the lead and allows you to add an appointment to your schedule or another user’s schedule for the lead.
  • Quick Assign – Leads can now be assigned to a user at your company by selecting he/she from the Quick Assign dropdown.
  • Milestones Reached – The Show Milestones option at the top of the page will reveal the milestones that have been reached for the lead. You can see the progression of milestones within Blitz as well as how long it took to reach and which user performed the action.

Lead Log

Archive Campaign

  • Campaigns can now be archived. Archiving a campaign is similar to deleting a campaign. Archived campaigns are not displayed anywhere in the system. Leads in an archived campaign cannot be viewed, modified or reported on while the campaign is marked as archived.
  • To archive a campaign
    • Administrators can navigate to the Manage Campaigns Screen
    • Click the Pencil icon for the lead you want to archive.
    • Check the Archive checkbox
    • Click the Save button

Enhanced Dashboards

  • The width of all charts will now auto-size based on the amount of data.
  • Number of Leads Dashboard
    • Added several new charts to allow a further drill-down. Leads are now broken down for current assigned to user and current statuses for a selected campaign.
  • Leads Added Dashboard
    • Added several new charts to allow a further drill-down. Leads are broken down by how many leads a user added, by the current assigned to user and by the current lead status for leads added to selected campaign.

My Company

  • The My Company screen allows administrators to update the company’s address. The company address is used for displaying directions.

Delete Opportunities

  • Click on the trash can icon for the opportunity that you wish to delete.
  • Note:
    • Locked opportunities cannot be deleted. If you want to delete an locked opportunity you must unlock the opportunity first.
    • Administrators can delete any opportunity.
    • Users can only delete opportunities that are assigned to them or that was created by them.