Custom Column Dropdowns

Custom Columns can now be configured as dropdowns within the Blitz Sales Follow-Up Software. Below is a screenshot of adding a new lead on the lead list.  As you can see the custom 10 column is now configured as a dropdown.

Lead List - Add Lead

Manage Campaigns

A new option is now available for each Blitz Sales Follow-Up Software campaign. You can click on the dropdownsettings1 dropdown settings icon to configure the dropdowns for a campaign.

Manage Campaigns

Dropdown Settings
The “Dropdown Settings” screen can be accessed by selecting the “Manage Campaigns” option from the administration menu and clicking on the dropdown settings image for the campaign you wish to edit. The “Dropdown Settings” screen shows you the current list of custom columns. You can view the custom text, the dropdown setting, and if it is a dropdown you can view the dropdown. Next to the dropdown is an “Edit” link that allows you to edit the values in the dropdown. If the dropdown does not contain all the unique values that are currently stored on the campaign’s leads, a second “Invalid” link will also be displayed. If you click the invalid link then you will be shown the list of data that is invalid.
Update Dropdown Setting
To update the dropdown setting for a column, click the Pencil icon. This will allow you to check or uncheck the dropdown value. Click the green checkbox to update the setting or the red x to cancel the edit.
Dropdown Settings
Dropdown Values
The dropdown values screen allows you to add values to the dropdown list. There are two ways to add dropdown values, manually or automatically.
Create Manually – If this is a new campaign or if there is not leads in the campaign, then using the “Create Manually” tab to create the values is the best option.
  • Add New Value – Click the Add New Record button. Enter the value to add. Click the Save button to save the value or the Cancel button to cancel the add.
  • Edit Value – Click the pencil icon for the record you want to edit. Edit the value. Click the Save button to update the value or the Cancel button to cancel the edit.
  • Delete Value – Click the trash can icon for the record you want to delete. Accept the warning message to delete the record or cancel to cancel the delete.

Add Dropdown Values Manually

Create Automatically – If this is a existing campaign and you have data in the column then the easiest way to create the dropdown list is to use the “Create Automatically” tab. A list of all the unique values in the column is displayed with a checkbox next to it. Simply check off the values you do not wish to add and click the Create Dropdown button. All existing dropdown items will be deleted and replaced by the checked values.

Add Dropdown Values Automatically

Invalid Data – If the dropdown does not currently contain all the values that are entered for the column, then the missing values from the dropdown are listed on the Invalid Data tab. These values need to either be added to the dropdown or have the stored values changed to a value that is in the dropdown.

  • To change all occurences of the invalid data to one of the valid dropdown values, select the desired value from the dropdown and click the Fix Data button.
  • To add the Invalid Data to the dropdown click the Add button next the invalid value.

Invalid Dropdown Values (Missing Values)

Copy Campaign Settings

A new option has been added to the Blitz Sales Follow-Up Software’s Copy Campaign Settings screen that is related to the new dropdowns feature. Now you can copy all the dropdown settings from one campaign to another. So if you have two campaigns with the same dropdowns, it is a simple process to recreate all the dropdowns on the target campaign.

Copy Campaign Settings