Web Form

Create & Configure Web Form

  • A web form can be configured for every active campaign in the Blitz Sales Follow-Up Software. You can link to the web form from your website, embed the form on your website, or even put the web form on your business facebook page as a new tab.  Watch the configuration video on Blitz Tv.
  • Administrators can navigate to Administration – Manage Campaigns and click the settings for the desired campaign.
  • Navigate to the Web Form tab.
    Web Form Tab
  • Click the “Create Web Form” button to create the web form for the selected campaign. The Web Form will be generated with default settings and it will create a new lead source for your form.
    Create New Web Form
  • The Web Form is fully functional with default settings. Below are the settings you can configure for your web form:
    • Enable the Form:  This setting allows you to turn the form on or off. If the setting is off you will not be able to use the form.
    • Form’s URL: Click the link to view the form.
    • Form User: The form user is the Created By user for all leads added from the form. So when a new lead gets added it will be displayed as being added by the selected user.
    • Lead’s Source: The selected lead source will be applied to all leads added from the web form.
    • Header Message: You can display a message at the top of the form. An example would be instructions on how to fill out the form.
    • Footer Message: You can display a message at the bottom of the form. An example would be a privacy statement.
    • Confirmation Message: This message is displayed after a lead has been submitted using the form.
    • Check the fields to show on the form: You can choose which fields you want to display on your form. Check off all of the fields that you want to see on your form. Note: Custom columns will display with there custom names and types. So if you have a custom drop-down it will display that way on your form.
    • Click the Save button to save your changes.

    Configure Web Form

  • After saving your settings. Click the View Form link to see how your form looks and test it.
    Web Form

Configuring Web Form New Lead Notifications

  • Each user can setup there “Notify me of  new web form leads” configuration on there My Profile screen. Click the check-box  to receive an email notification when a new lead is added from a web form.
    My Profile - Configure Web Form New Lead Notifications

Links To Schedule & Leads in Emails

Notification emails now contain links to the referenced Lead or your Schedule for the day of the event.