Merging Duplicates

  • Potential Duplicates will be identified on the lead’s Lead Log screen.
  • If duplicates are configured to Automatically be searched, the link to view the potential duplicates will be shown if any are found.
    Lead Log Automatically Search
  • If duplicates are configured to Manually be searched, you will see the Manually Search For Duplicates button. Once clicked it will present the link to view the potential duplicates if any are found.
    Lead Log Manually Searched
  • The Potential Duplicates screen shows and highlights the similarities between potential duplicates and the searched lead. To compare a lead further to the searched lead, click the checkbox of the lead and click the Review & Merge Review & Merge button.
    Potential Duplicates
  • The Review & Merge screen allows you to view the two leads side by side. The Lead To Keep is the lead that will be kept in the system. The Lead To Merge is the lead that will have all of it’s details merged into the Lead To Keep. The Lead To Merge will then be moved into the Recycle Bin. The Lead To Keep and Lead To Merge can be flipped by clicking the Flip button. The Lead To Keep can also be manually updated so that you can create the most complete lead. Click the merge2 button to merge the two leads together.
    Review Duplicates

Configuring Duplicates

  • There are two settings that control how duplicates are are displayed and what leads are included when searching for potential duplicates.
  • Search For Duplicates Setting – On the Administration My Company screen the Search For Duplicates setting allows you to configure how duplicates are searched for your company. The Automatically Searched option does an automatic search every time the Lead Log screen is opened. The Manually Searched option allows the user to click a button to perform the search. The Turn Off option disables all searching for duplicates for your company.
  • Search Archived Leads For Duplicates – This allows you to display archived records as potential duplicates. These records are display only. To merge a lead with an archived lead you would have to re-activate the campaign.
    My Company
  • User Setting – The Administration Manage Users screen has a new setting Allow Merging Leads.  This setting will restrict the ability of users to actually merge two leads together. Users without permission to merge leads will still be able to view the potential duplicates.
    Manage Users

On Login Go To Page

The My Profile page has a new option that allows each user to specify which page they want to see when they login to Blitz. Users can select between the My Blitz, Lead List, Neglected Leads, or Schedule pages.

My Profile