Export To ExcelBlitz Sales Follow-Up Software now allows you to export most data directly to Excel. Your Lead List, Neglected Leads, Lead Details, Lead Log, Campaigns, Audit Log, and Users can all be instantly exported by clicking the export to excel icon excel in the heading of each data grid. The export works with the full flexibility of the advanced features of each data grid. This allows you to take advantage of the column options feature, sorting, and filtering to allow you to export only the data you need or all of the data.

Export To Excel

Copy Campaign Settings – The “Copy Campaign Settings” screen can be accessed by selecting the copy campaign settings icon copy on the “Manage Campaign” screen. The “Copy Campaign Settings” screen allows you to copy all of the settings from a source campaign to a new campaign or existing campaign. This feature within the Blitz Sales Follow-Up Software allows you to copy all of the settings, script, questions, custom column headings, default columns, user privacy settings, and email templates, from the selected source campaign to a selected target campaign or new campaign.

Copy Settings Link

Copy Campaign Settings

Support Requests – It is now easier than ever to provide feedback, create a support ticket, suggest a feature, report a bug or request a change in user licenses. The support link is now available at the top of every page in Blitz Sales Follow-Up Software next to the existing Help link. To send a request to support simply click the support link and select the appropriate request type and provide us with the details of the Support request.

Support Link


Add User Blank Company – When you add a new user the default company is now set to blank by default. This was done to prevent users from being added to the default company by accident.