Workflow Email Deliverability Reports

Blitz admin users now have a report to view the performance of email templates within workflows. Inside Email Deliverability Reports, admin users can click on the ‘Workflow’ column or the magnifying glass icon to see which workflow the email template is associated with.

Workflow Email Deliverability

Admin users can use these KPIs to make strategic decisions regarding email subject lines and clickable links or test to identify the optimal send date and times.

Workflow Filter Update: Folder Exception Rule

Do you have a folder that requires a different process than others? You can now exclude folders from a workflow, making it easier to segment your intended targets. The more segmented your workflows are, the more successful they’ll be. 

Workflow Trigger Update: Time Since Tagged

Workflows can now be triggered based on the time since a custom tag was added, such as:

  • Scheduling a call 5 days after you reengaged with a lead at an event 
  • Sending pre-developed emails and scheduling follow-up calls to customers interested in a certain product or service
  • Scheduling ongoing follow-up to customers that report a concern until the issue is resolved

The new enhancement empowers the user to be creative and allows another level of segmentation to your processes. The possibilities are endless. 


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