The Lead Log screen has been renamed to “Contact History” to better suit its use. A contact in Blitz can be a lead, referral, past customer, or current customer.

The Contact History screen is the hub for all the information on a contact. We have revamped this screen to be more user friendly, which in turn will increase productivity. Below is a screenshot of what the new Contact History feature will look like when a contact is selected in Blitz Sales Follow-Up.


  • Each section of contact history is displayed as it’s own tab or in its own menu. Previously there were eight tabs that made up the lead log. We have now limited the tabs to five, creating easy to use menus in their place or combining screens.
    • Details Tab – The Details tab allows you to edit any of the leads information.
    • History Tab – The History tab allows you to add notes and update the lead’s milestone, status, and assigned to user.
    • Opportunities Tab – The Opportunities tab allows you to add and update the opportunities that are associated with the lead. An enhancement has been added that will auto-fill an Opportunity Name with the selected category, saving you time filling out the required Opportunity Name field. The name can then be changed without effecting the category selected, if you’d like to customize it. An example of the new Opportunity menu is below. Also available is the new Opportunities dashboard!


  • Files Tab – The Files tab allows you to attach a file to the lead.
  • Send Email Tab – The Send Email tab allows you to send an email to the lead. A new feature with the Send Email tab is the ability to attach your Blitz files to an email without having to download them first.

all-new-lead-log-email          capture2

  • Directions, schedule, and engagement tabs have been moved out of tabs and into their own features. Below we have listed exactly what these features do for you as well as their new locations within Contact History.
    • Directions Button – The Directions button contains turn by turn directions from your office to the lead’s address. This feature was moved out of the tab to the top of the lead log (boxed in red in the image below). Click the icon in contact history, and the turn by turn directions become available.


  • New Appointment Menu (previously Schedule Tab) – The Appointment Menu shows the upcoming schedule for the contact, and allows you to add an appointment to your schedule or another user’s schedule. It is now located on the left sidebar, and is available from any tab within the Contact History screen. In its new location, it is easier to view or update without additional clicks.

all-new-lead-log-new-appointment          all-new-lead-log-new-appointment-window

  • Engagement – The Engagement feature enables users to easily track total activity with leads, allowing them to communicate better with every contact and improve the way they are spending their time. It has a new location above the history notes for the lead, and can be displayed by clicking the graph icon as shown below.


 all-new-lead-log-engagement          all-new-lead-log-engagment-click-graph-and-engagment-info-shows-up-2

  • Milestones and Statuses – Milestone is now moved above Status. Each Milestone has a set of Statuses linked to them (read more about that update here). This will allow you to have correct Milestones linked to their correct Statuses. At the top of Contact History, you’ll see a visual of the current sales pipeline for this lead – the progression of Milestones within Blitz, as well as how long it took to reach and which user performed the action.

Quick Action History – Blitz Sales Follow-Up software offers Quick Actions as well.  A Contact History Quick Action allows you to quickly log notes and schedule follow ups without any manual entry.   There is a drop-down of your Quick Actions on the History tab.  By selecting a Quick Action from the drop-down, the history will be entered and if configured, a scheduled follow up and an email reminder can be set.

Questions Into Notes – The Questions option gives you the ability to insert pre-configured questions in your history note to be recorded in a note during a call.  This feature gives you the ability to make sure you are reaching the objective of the call as well as better tracking what you talked about during the call. Previously located to the right of the history note box, it is now available as a dropdown above the history note box.