Popup Notifications

Blitz sales software introduces internal popup notifications. The popups will notify users of:

  1. New web leads or web form leads
    The user will receive a notification when either a new lead has been auto assigned to them, or when any new web lead or web form lead is added to Blitz if they have “Notify me of ALL new leads” checked in My Profile.
  2. Upcoming appointments
    The user will receive a notification about an upcoming appointment if they have a reminder selected for the appointment (in the “Remind me” dropdown).


Internal popups allow users to take action faster. Users must be logged into Blitz in order to receive the popups, and will continue to receive the email notifications as well. The notification contains the lead’s name and additional information depending on the type of notification. Clicking on the lead’s name will open the lead log.
appointment reminder
To enable or disable popups:

  1. A setting in Administration > My Company allows administrators to enable or disable popups for the account.
  2. Users have popup settings in My Profile, allowing them to enable or disable popups for new leads and appointment reminders, as well as mute the audio when a notification pops up.