Reassigning Leads in Bulk

Blitz has added an additional tab to Administration > Lead Distribution. There are now two tabs to redistribute leads by user:

Basic (new!) – Take all leads from one user, and reassign them to a different user.


Advanced – Take leads from one user by campaign and type of lead, and reassign them to different users by percentage.


New Report and Reporting Enhancements

Blitz has made several enhancements to Administration > Reporting

  • New Report – Lead Snapshot
    The Lead Snapshot report provides a list of leads, and for each lead lists the Tag, Milestone, and history activity details. Bar graphs are displayed above the report to show a breakdown of the results as well. This information can be filtered on Campaign, Assigned User, Lead Type, and a date range. This report is meant to give an overall view of the progress on certain types of leads. For example, if an agent needs to see what has been done with the web leads they have received this week, this report will show all details in one place.
  • The Lead Auto Assignment History has been added to the Report List. This report lists all leads that were assigned, when they were assigned, who they were assigned to, which auto assign group was used, which lead provider, and web form campaign when applicable. A date range is chosen to see activity during a certain time.
  • Bar graphs have been added to the following reports to summarize the data listed:
    • Lead Auto Assignment History
    • Lead Log History List
    • Milestones
    • Tagging