Blitz small business CRM has made enhancements to the scheduling feature.


Past and Future Appointments

An arrow has been added to the schedule tab within the Lead Log to indicate either a past or future appointment.  A forward green arrow indicates a future appointment, while a backwards red arrow indicates a past appointment.  If you see a red arrow, this means the lead is neglected so be sure to update the appointment or add a new one after adding a history note to ensure the lead doesn’t fall through the cracks.


All Day Appointments

Blitz has updated the scheduler, making it simple to create appointments that are not meant for a particular time.  This could include follow up calls, tasks, or reminders.  To create an all day appointment:


  1. Select 12:00 AM for the Start Time.  The End Time will automatically default to 12:00 AM the following day.
  2. All day appointments will be displayed at the top of the schedule in the “all day” section.  Appointments are grouped by type.