Highlights Below, See the attachment for full list of changes.

Bug Fixes:

  • Timezone not applied in Quick Look Schedule
  • All Day appointments not showing Lead List for today. > vs >=
  • User Activity Report failures logging incorrectly
  • Client Activity Report failures logging incorrectly
New/Updated Stuff
  • Lead Quick Look on schedule
  • Workflow:
    • New Filter Lead Not Assigned
    • New Filter State
    • New Action field Email Send At time.
  • All Day Appointments Tweaks
    • Add 12:00 AM to the time picker. Automatically adjusts the End Time for All Day.
    • Custom Comparer to automatically order appointments at the same time by Type. Helpful when looking at all day appointments.
    • Style the All Day appointments so that they use much less space. Up to 5 per row w/ HD resolution monitors.
    • Allow All Day appointments for today to violate the can’t create appointments in the past rule.
  • Change the default Lead Log schedule view to The Past Week – Next Year
  • Add Forward and Backward icons to indicate future and past appointments based on the start time.
  • When saving emails from WF take into account the Send At Time and make sure we use that for both the Created Date of the email and the Note that we create on the Lead.