My Profile

A new option has been added to Schedule Settings on your My Profile screen. You can now select Day, Week, Month or Timeline as the Default Schedule View of your schedule that will be shown when you go to your Blitz Schedule.


Assigned On

The Lead List, Quick Search and Recycle Bin have a new column available. The “Assigned On” field indicates when the assigned to user was assigned to the lead. To see the Assigned To column, click on column options and select the check-box next to Assigned On.


Lead Tags

The Lead Tags Administration setup screen has a new option. The “Show in Add Tag Dropdown” check-box option will toggle the tag in or out of the Add Tag dropdown. If you have a large list of Tags, this will allow you to remove the rarely used or not currently used Tags from the dropdown . The Tags themselves are now clickable links that will do a Search for all the leads with that Tag.