Filtering Enhancements

Blitz Sales Follow-Up Software’s filter functionality has been enhanced.  Users are now able to select multiple items in the filter dropdown boxes.  This allows for more flexibility in filtering, for example showing all leads except for “Not Interested” and “Do Not Call” leads.

Separate “First Name” and “Last Name” columns have been added to “Column Options” within the lead list.  This update is helpful for users who have leads’ names listed “First Last” but want to sort by last name.

Neglected Leads

The neglected leads list has been updated, allowing users to hide/show additional columns.  This enables users to better filter and sort through neglected leads.  To hide/show columns from the neglected leads list, simply right click on any column header.

New Appointment Feature

Blitz has added an appointment invite option to the email tab within the lead log.

  • Users are able to send an invite to a lead’s calendar through email.  This is compatible with any email service provider that includes a calendar (Outlook for example).
  • Leads with a compatible calendar will receive a reminder prior to the appointment.
  • After sent, an appointment will be automatically added to the user’s schedule in Blitz at the selected time of the invite.
  • If the appointment is being scheduled for someone else (for example, a telemarketer setting an appointment to a sales producer), the appointment will be set for the user whom the message was sent from.   The from email address can be changed when sending an email/appointment from Blitz.

Dashboard Update

The Dashboard has been enhanced to show data horizontally instead of vertically.  This gives a more accurate view of the lead data.

Lead Log Enhancements

Minor adjustments have been made to the lead log:

  1. The previous/next leads’ names have been replaced with “Previous Lead” and “Next Lead” to clarify what you’re clicking on.  If you hover over either button, the lead’s name will display.
  2. The lead information box in the top right corner has been given a face lift to make it stand out more.