Multi-Action Feature

Blitz Sales Follow-Up Software has added a new multi-action feature, allowing users to tag and move up to 50 leads simultaneously.  This powerful new feature makes it simple to reorganize, update, assign, and recycle a mass number of leads.

To utilize this feature, pull up any lead list and use the check boxes to the left to choose leads to apply the action to.  After leads are checked, dropdown boxes will appear above the list allowing for tags to be added or leads to be moved to a different campaign or the recycle bin.

Keep in mind:

  • Click the top checkbox in the light blue bar to select the entire page.
  • Filter & sort the list first to find the particular leads you are looking for.
  • To apply an action to the maximum number of leads, update the page size to “50” at the bottom of the list.
  • To create a tag, go to Administration > Lead Tags > Add New Record.
  • To create a campaign, go to Administration > Manage Campaigns > Add New Record.
lead tracking

Opportunities Enhancement

Opportunities can now be sorted by date range with a simple dropdown box option.  This dropdown box can be found on the My Blitz page for Won and Lost Opportunities, as well as on the Opportunities List.

lead tracking

lead tracking