Call Logic Integration

Blitz Sales Follow-Up Software is now integrated with Call Logic autodialer.  Users are able to choose and call leads directly from Blitz using the autodialing function of their Call Logic account.  During the calls users can update leads within Blitz, schedule appointments, leave voicemails, and move to the next call all from one convenient screen.

Setup Instructions (click images to enlarge):

  1. Within Blitzr: In Administration > My Company click the checkbox next to “Enable Call Logic Dialer Integration.”  Click Save.  A button will appear that says “Link Call Logic Account(s).”  Click that button.
  2. Within the “Linked Call Logic Accounts” screen, click “+ Link New Call Logic Account.”  Create a name for the account (usually the user’s name) and click the green check mark to the right.
  3. Copy the Call Logic Account Id given.
  4. Login to your Call Logic account.  Under Edit Account > Manage Account click “Please set your Blitz ID.”  Paste the ID you copied in step 3 and click Save.
  5. Repeat steps 2-4 for each Call Logic account you have in your office.

Dialing Instructions:

  1. Within Blitz: Go to Leads > Lead List.
  2. Select the Blitz campaign that you would like to begin calling.  Apply any necessary filters (by clicking “Show Filter Options”) if you would like to narrow down the list.
  3. Click the “Create Call Logic Dialing Campaign” button.
  4. Create a name for the dialing campaign, and choose the account you are dialing from.  Click “Add Call Logic Campaign.”

  5. A red notification will appear above the lead list that says “Successfully created the Call Logic Campaign with # Leads. Details  Start Calling Now!

    • Clicking Details will tell you how many had duplicate phone numbers, unsupported phone numbers, do not call numbers, etc.
    • Start Calling Now will begin the dialing session (screen shot below).  The top section displays your calling options – you are able to start and stop the call, leave a voicemail, and hang up the call.  The bottom section on this screen displays the lead log for the prospect you currently are on the line with.  You are able to update their history, appointments, details, etc. from this screen during the call.

  6. In addition to any updates you make, Call Logic will add a note to the lead with a calling disposition such as hang up, connected, busy, etc.  This note will not affect neglected leads or the status/milestone in Blitz.
  7. You are also able to later pull up existing calling campaigns in Leads > Call Logic Dialer.  Clicking “Start Calling” from this page will resume the campaign where you left off.