Report Enhancements

  • Most of the reports within the Blitz Sales Follow-Up Software have received a face-lift. The reports have been modified to improve performance and ease of use.
  • The Active User List, Lead List, Lead Log History List, Lead Status By Campaign and User List reports have all been converted into a more friendly grid layout. The grid layout improves performance and also adds the ability to sort the report after it has been generated.

Call Fire Dialer Integration

  1. Import your leads that you are going to be calling into Blitz
  2. Export the leads out of Blitz using the lead list export. The final column of the exported csv file will contain a link to the lead in Blitz.
  3. Import those leads for calling into a Call Fire campaign.
  4. Start dialing your leads using Call Fire’s user interface.
  • Once a lead is connected you will have a Link1 option. This will display the lead’s Lead Log screen in Blitz. Just add your notes and follow ups into Blitz and continue on to the next call. Below are a couple of screenshots showing how the lead will look inside of Call Fire after a call has been connected.
    Call Fire Blitz Screenshot 1
    Call Fire Blitz Screenshot 2