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With Blitz Contact Manager’s call scripts and pre-defined questions, users have reliable references that help their phone conversations go smoother.

Call scripts and pre-defined questions in Blitz Lead Manager ensure our clients the smoothest phone conversations. Like cue cards, call scripts and questions within Blitz give clients a reference to use while on the phone. Sales representatives can create their own call scripts and pre-defined questions for each campaign to better structure their phone conversations. Having call scripts and questions guarantee that users will get the most out of every conversation.

Call scripts and pre-defined questions are invaluable features in Blitz at both the individual and business level. For the individual, having call scripts and questions to reference means that there’s no longer a risk of forgetting what to say. At the business level, there’s a decreased variability in employees’ phone conversations with leads because all employees have the same script to reference. Blitz online contact manager also gives users the chance to add lead substitutions to call scripts. Lead substitutions populate specific information about the lead into the call script. For example, when a user utilizes a campaign call script during a phone conversation, the call script can be set to automatically add in the contact’s name. Blitz will also allow users to include a lead’s name, address, county, and phone number on the script. Users can use these substitutions to verify the contact’s information during a call, to remind themselves to whom they are speaking, or to establish a more personal tone in a conversation over the phone.

Call scripts and questions have revolutionized that way that sales representatives conduct their phone conversations. Archie Heinl, President of Blitz Lead Manager, stated, “Call scripts along with pre-defined questions provide users with a great reference to use in closing more sales over the phone.  Having the pre-defined questions also allows our clients to save time and provide the accurate details they need to close their deals.”

Blitz Lead Manager is a web-based lead management system, giving companies the ability to access their leads at any time, on any computer or phone with Internet access. Sales leads are valuable and by using a lead tracking system, businesses have a central hub to keep staff organized and focused. Everyone works leads differently, so Blitz allows for easy customizing to define and facilitate each unique and evolving sales process. In addition, companies are able to run reports to view trends in sales and marketing and revise their process to maximize profit.

For more information, contact Blitz Lead Manager’s support staff at support@blitzleadmanager.com or (888) 470-0606. Not signed up with Blitz yet? Try the Professional edition free for 30 days at http://www.blitzleadmanager.com.