AdHarmonics, an internet lead provider, is now integrated with Blitz sales software.  Focused on applying sophisticated mathematics to their partner’s online customer acquisition programs, AdHarmonics uses campaign specific websites, integrated email re-marketing and a highly responsive, world-class engineering team to ensure the highest quality leads.  They pride themselves on being one of the largest and premier providers of exclusive U.S. auto insurance leads, with custom lead filter options, exclusive leads, and over 6 million unique visitors to their web sites annually.


Auto leads from AdHarmonics can now drop into Blitz automatically, driving down administrative tasks and response time.  When a new lead is received by Blitz, a customized email will automatically be sent to the lead, as well as a notification to the producer the lead was assigned to.  Blitz ensures new prospects are being worked by automatically distributing leads to an available sales rep, flagging leads as “neglected,” and reassigning unworked leads automatically.  When a prospect is not contacted immediately, Blitz uses intelligent sales force automation to remind staff to follow up based on the agency’s unique follow-up process and send additional emails to prospects automatically.


Blitz is used as a central hub for agents to work all new prospects, referrals, past clients, current customers, and more.  By storing all contact information in one system and automating the follow-up process, agents are guaranteed to get the highest possible value out of their database.


Archie Heinl, president of Blitz Lead Manager, said, “We are excited to welcome AdHarmonics as a new lead provider partner.  This integration will save our mutual clients time distributing and following up with new inbound leads, allowing them to contact them faster to win more sales.”


To learn more about Blitz Lead Manager, contact Blitz support at support@blitzleadmanager.com or (888)470-0606.

To learn more about AdHarmonics, visit their website at www.adharmonics.com.