Internet lead providers are one of the largest sources of prospects in the insurance agency, but often go to waste.  Agencies are finding that they are unable to reach the new lead, and often have trouble pinpointing the core issue.  Successful agents have found that the secret weapon to dealing with web leads is simple – they need to react fast.  It has been proven that the chance of contact dramatically decreases after only 5 minutes of receiving a new lead.  With Blitz Lead Manager’s new text alert feature, sales reps will now be notified with a real time text message to connect them faster to inbound leads.


Since Blitz Lead Manager has developed partnerships with most of the top internet lead providers, real time internet leads drop into Blitz automatically and are instantly assigned to a sales rep.  In addition to receiving an email from Blitz about the new lead, assigned users can now turn on real time text alerts.  For many sales reps, this is the best form of contact and allows them to connect with the lead faster.  Leads that are not contacted right away can be put into a lead nurturing process, allowing for continued contact until the sale is made.


Customers are noticing a positive trend in initial contact with internet leads.  Archie Heinl, president of Blitz Lead Manager, said “By setting up real time text alerts, agents can make sure that their sales reps are always aware of inbound leads and that none are falling through the cracks.”


Blitz Lead Manager’s web based software allows users access anywhere, anytime.  By using a lead management system, agents are able to make the most out of their contacts and write more business.  To learn more about Blitz, visit their website at www.blitzleadmanager.com or call (888)470-0606.