Blitz Lead Management Software offers a new solution for referral partners. The Referral Portal option within Blitz links two separate Blitz accounts, allowing users to send leads from one account to another and view reports on follow up activities with those leads. This tool is being utilized by a number of different industries. For example, insurance agents that send referral leads to financial specialists, or mortgage companies that send leads to insurance companies. By streamlining the referral process, businesses are saving time and gaining more visibility on the status of leads they have provided.


Referring leads in Blitz’s web based software makes things simple. Users are able to send a referral with the click of a button, rather than spending time typing an email to a referral partner or filling out a form. Once leads have been sent, the sender has access to simple reporting on follow up progress and the number of leads referred to each partner. This is saving businesses valuable time making follow up calls or emails to track progress, as well as providing insight into what is happening with these leads.


Accounts receiving referrals will automatically assign them to guarantee immediate follow up. If the sale is not closed right away, the lead can be dropped into a lead nurturing process that automates emails and appointment reminders until the deal has been made. This process helps the lead recipient follow up more efficiently and prevents missed opportunities when things get busy. Accounts receiving leads are also able to track which referral partners are sending more and better quality leads.


This new feature is exciting for current Blitz users, and is attracting attention from other businesses as well. Archie Heinl, president of Blitz Lead Manager, said ”The Referral Portal allows our users to send referrals much easier, so they do not have to duplicate efforts or wonder what is happening to the leads they are sending.”


Blitz Lead Manager is a central hub to store all leads and help sales reps stay focused on making the sale. Track staff productivity, lead progress, and ROI in one convenient system. Blitz also offers training and support to help customize the account to fit each business’s unique needs. To get started, contact Blitz Lead Manager at (888)470-0606.