web-based contact management system


The new integration between Blitz Lead Management software and TRI means that agents in the insurance industry have an enhanced process to capture leads and close more deals.


TRI is in its 15th year of providing lead generation services to the insurance industry. Its customers are both individual agents and corporate marketing departments. It offers auto/home leads, services for life, health, commercial, and new product testing.


Blitz Lead Management software is set up to automatically receive leads from TRI. Blitz users can immediately email, assign, and schedule the insurance leads that come into Blitz’s lead management system. Since leads fall into the web based lead management system automatically, agents save time and can quickly begin to work on their lead lists. In addition to automating actions towards leads as they come into the system, Blitz sales software can also send text messages or phone calls to agents as soon as they are scheduled a lead. This instant notification of agents means that our users have less of a probability to neglect a lead.


Users can expect accelerated revenue growth with the combination of the quality finance lead lists from TRI and the timesaving features of Blitz lead tracking software.


The new integration has both companies excited about the benefits that it will bring to their customers.  Archie Heinl, president of Blitz Lead Manager, stated, “Blitz users can expect increased growth in revenue thanks to the combination of the quality insurance leads from TRI and the timesaving features of Blitz lead tracking software.”


Blitz Lead Manager is a web-based lead management system, giving companies the ability to access their leads at any time, on any computer or phone with Internet access. Sales leads are valuable and by using a lead tracking system, businesses have a central hub to keep staff organized and focused. Everyone works leads differently, so Blitz allows for easy customizing to define and facilitate each unique and evolving sales process. In addition, companies are able to run reports to view trends in sales and marketing and revise their process to maximize profit.