Blitz lead manager systemBlitz and CallFire announce a new partnership that integrates Blitz Lead Manager with the CallFire auto dialer, making it incredibly simple for small and mid size businesses to stay on the cutting edge. 

CallFire is a Santa Monica auto dialer dedicated to providing high-availability systems, intuitive user interfaces, furious developer support, and unparalleled customer care. CallFire provides voice and text connectivity to over 100,000 small businesses, nonprofits, political groups, insurance agents, and marketers.

The enhanced integration between Blitz Lead Manager and CallFire facilitates the seamless transfer of leads from one system to the other. When users create a calling campaign, Blitz lead management software will push this campaign into CallFire’s system with no additional setup on the user’s end. The integration truly delivers the best of both systems in one software platform. The new integration allows users to save time and work more rapidly through their lead lists. Another benefit of the enhancement integration is that users are now able to call leads directly from Blitz’s lead management system using the autodialing function of their CallFire account. In addition to calling leads directly from Blitz, users can easily update their leads, schedule appointments, leave voicemails, and move onto the next call completely from one page. Phone calls are streamlined and the extra time generally associated with moving call-to-call is eliminated.

The enhanced integration between Blitz Lead Manager and CallFire simplifies users interactions with the dual systems. Komnieve Singh, President and Cofounder of CallFire, said, “CallFire recognizes that to be successful, businesses need to be in constant communication with their customers and prospects. Together, Blitz and CallFire make it simple and affordable for businesses to connect with the right people quickly and efficiently.” Additionally, Archie Heinl, President of Blitz Lead Manager, stated about the integration, “The CallFire integration is a huge step for us as we are able to provide clients with the best in lead management and auto-dialing.”

Blitz Lead Manager is a web-based lead management system, giving companies the ability to access their leads at any time, on any computer or phone with Internet access. Sales leads are valuable and by using a lead tracking system, businesses have a central hub to keep staff organized and focused. Everyone works leads differently, so Blitz allows for easy customizing to define and facilitate each unique and evolving sales process. In addition, companies are able to run reports to view trends in sales and marketing and revise their process to maximize profit.

For more information, contact Blitz Lead Manager’s support staff at support@blitzleadmanager.com or (888) 470-0606. Not signed up with Blitz yet? Try the Professional edition free for 30 days at http://www.blitzleadmanager.com.