By providing a one-stop shopping and purchasing platform across multiple verticals, Jangl provides users with more transparency, that translates into more accountability and higher quality. Agents can search by vertical, price range, mile radius, city, state or zip code – and add filters, all in one place. Choosing the best lead providers has never been easier with reviews and ratings from other buyers, a simple web based portal, as well as duplicate checking to prevent paying for the same leads twice.


Now integrated with Blitz Lead Manager, leads purchased from Jangl will automatically populate agents’ Blitz system for simple, yet powerful lead management. Blitz automatically assigns the new prospect to a sales rep to follow up, delivers an automatic personalized email to the prospect, and allows managers or agency owners to track the sales process.


With Blitz Lead Manager’s sales force automation tool, agents are reaching more prospects and closing more sales. Sales reps are able to handle a higher volume of leads with automated follow up reminders, and a neglected leads feature to prevent lost opportunities. Reporting features provide insight into ROI, sales goals, productivity, and more to ensure the most efficient sales process.


Archie Heinl, president of Blitz Lead Manager, comments “Our new integration with Jangl provides mutual clients the tools to work leads in the most efficient way possible, resulting in more sales and a better ROI.”


To learn more about Jangl, visit their website at https://www.jangl.com/ or call (888) JANGL-24.


To contact Blitz Lead Manager, visit http://www.blitzleadmanager.com or call (888) 470-0606.