BestInsuranceQuotes4u.com supplies hot and unsolicited insurance leads with carrier exclusivity in every territory.  With a unique Direct Marketing Platform approach, advertisements are added to  300,000 of their affiliate sites in the agent’s local area.  By doing this, agencies are guaranteed that they will be the only one following up with every lead because each lead is only sold once.  If a sales rep doesn’t make contact with 100% of their leads, BestInsuranceQuotes4u.com actually gives credit back.


Now integrated with Blitz Lead Management Software, BestInsuranceQuotes4u.com will automatically push new leads to agent’s Blitz accounts real time.  Once the lead enters Blitz, an email is automatically sent to the lead, and a sales rep is notified to follow up immediately.  When a lead is not sold on the first call, Blitz Lead Manager is programmed to automate follow up with emails and task reminders so that quality leads from BestInsuranceQuotes4u.com are not neglected.  By automating the lead tracking process, agents save time and money by ensuring every lead is consistently followed up with.


Blitz Lead Manager’s web based system gives agencies access anytime, anywhere.  When receiving quality leads, using a management system allows agents to track the sales process while helping sales reps stay on task.


“We are excited to add BestInsuranceQuotes4u.com as a featured partner,” said Archie Heinl, president of Blitz Lead Manager.  “By taking advantage of this integration, agents will save valuable time manually entering information and distributing leads to staff, so they are able to focus more time on sales.”


To learn more about Blitz Lead Manager, visit their website at blitzleadmanager.com or contact Blitz support at (888)470-0606.


To learn more about BestInsuranceQuotes4u.com, visit their website or call 877-290-0536.