Best Rate Referrals specializes in mortgage lead generation services ranging from leads, mailers, live transfers, and lists.  As one of the top mortgage lead vendors in the country, they have the in-depth understanding and hands-on experience required to drive positive results in this highly regulated and fiercely competitive industry.  To ensure their customers are getting quality leads, Best Rate Referrals uses proven strategies for email, search, pay per click, direct mailers, organic traffic, and display advertising.  They also offer services such as training and cold-call scripts to improve telemarketers’ effectiveness in converting leads to paying clients.


Integrated with Blitz mortgage software, real time leads generated by Best Rate Referrals will drop into Blitz automatically.  Since contacting a new lead quickly greatly increases chances of conversion, Blitz will automatically assign the lead to an available user, notify them to call, and send a custom automated email to the lead.  Users will then use Blitz to track the follow-up process by adding notes, scheduling follow-ups, and using the email function to get in touch with the lead or customer.


Blitz understands that every business is unique, so allows each client to configure their account to fit their process.  Users can customize the steps in converting a lead and handling a new mortgage loan, and set up automated reminders or emails to streamline this process and ensure every step is taken care of.  Blitz also offers best practice templates for businesses looking to improve their close ratio.  Archie Heinl, president of Blitz Lead Manager, said “Integrating with best Rate Referrals allows our mutual customers to respond faster to new inbound prospects, and saves them the time and hassle of manually distributing leads to sales producers.  Our customers can expect immediate growth combining their leads with Blitz’s intelligent sales automation.”


To learn more about Best Rate Referrals, visit their website at www.bestratereferrals.com or call (800) 811-1402.


For more information on Blitz Lead Manager, visit their website at www.blitzleadmanager.com or contact Blitz support at (888)470-0606.