Blitz Lead Management Software’s opportunities feature allows businesses to easily gauge which lead sources, products, or employees are generating the most sales for the company.


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Consistently recording opportunities leads to more accurate trending of sales projections, giving companies a look at the outcomes of their various approaches to sales activities. Using the opportunities feature of Blitz lead management systems is a crucial step to great sales because it gives users insight on employee closing rates, customer growth, and earnings. For example, the opportunities within Blitz marked as pending and won are available right at a glance.  Blitz users can view the number of won opportunities a particular user has, or how many pending opportunities exist from a specific lead source. This quick overview of pending and won opportunities allows companies to see where the majority of their sales are being neglected or made. These opportunities can also be filtered by month and year, giving businesses an idea of employee closing rates, customer growth, and earnings for a particular month. Businesses can even produce a return on investment report directly from Blitz based on their recorded opportunities.

Blitz leads management offers its customers a variety of user-friendly ways to search through their opportunities. For example, opportunities can be grouped within Blitz based on any criteria. The easy-to-use drag and drop feature is a quick method of organizing deals by policy name, the producer, and the status of the opportunity. Blitz also gives users the option to filter opportunities by conditions such as how much a deal is worth and to which producer opportunities are assigned. Tracking opportunities with Blitz is easy and gives users access throughout the entire process to their information. The option to export the opportunities to Microsoft Excel gives users the additional flexibility to easily create a portable report. This allows many insurance agents using Blitz to be able to replace their existing business log that they currently manage in Excel.

Opportunities are an integral feature of Blitz Lead Manager. “The opportunities feature in Blitz has allowed many of our customers in the insurance vertical and others to simplify the tracking of their sales process by no longer having to rely on sharing an external spreadsheet,” says Blitz Lead Manager President Archie Heinl.

Blitz Lead Manager is a web-based lead management system, giving companies the ability to access their leads at any time, on any computer or phone with internet access. Sales leads are valuable and by using a lead tracking system, businesses have a central hub to keep staff organized and focused. Everyone works leads differently, so Blitz allows for easy customizing to define and facilitate each unique and evolving sales process. In addition, companies are able to run reports to view trends in sales and marketing and revise their process to maximize profit.

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