Underground Elephant is a leading generator of quality insurance leads that are produced 100% internally. They understand the importance of providing prospects that are actually interested in buying insurance, and never cut corners to sell more leads or increase profits. Instead of relying on 3rd party media companies or affiliates to do the work, Underground Elephant generates leads through disciplined internet marketing practices.

Hot new leads generated by Underground Elephant will automatically drop into Blitz Lead Management Software. A confirmation email can be set up to automatically send to the prospect when it enters Blitz, and the lead will be automatically assigned to a producer and put on their schedule to call right away. This automated process makes lead tracking simple for agencies, and helps create a more efficient follow up process. Agents are able to contact leads faster, save time, and convert more leads into sales.

This integration is exciting for both companies and their clients. “This new partnership with Underground Elephant will prevent opportunities from falling through the cracks, saving agents time and increasing their overall ROI,” said Blitz Lead Manager President, Archie Heinl.

For more information about Underground Elephant, you can visit their website at http://undergroundleads.com.

For more information about Blitz Lead Management Software, you can contact them at (888) 470-0606 or visit their website at http://www.blitzleadmanager.com.