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Blitz Lead Management Software and Cole X-Dates come together, providing high quality lead lists and superb lead tracking software.

Cole X-Dates helps insurance agents with their targeted marketing campaign by equipping them with comprehensive lead lists and empowering them to find new customers. Their in-house files contain mailing addresses and landline phone numbers on 130 million households and 19 million businesses across the country.

The partnership between Blitz Lead Management Software and Cole X-Dates allows users to tackle their lead lists in the easiest and most effective ways. Cole’s rich lead lists can be filtered by any criteria such as age, address, and zip code. Lists from Cole X-Dates can be imported into Blitz Lead Management Software with little trouble. Within Blitz, agents have the chance to categorize lists further by x-date. The Workflow functionality within Blitz Lead Manager can be set to send out automatic emails or follow-ups based on a lead’s x-date. If an agent happens to miss a lead’s x-date, he or she can opt to automatically have a follow-up scheduled before the lead’s next x-date. Automatic scheduling ensures that a missed opportunity is never a lost opportunity.

Blitz Lead Manager’s intuitive software also lets managers assign leads out to staff. Delegating the responsibility allows each staff member to contribute to the team. Leads can be automatically scheduled for follow-up, and leads that are not contacted are labeled as “neglected leads.” A manager has the ability to see the amount of neglected leads for each staff member and can track each person’s progress.

The partnership between Blitz Sales Software and Cole X-Dates empowers agents to create a sales process and stick to it. Managers can track their staff activity and progress to see where they can improve. In addition to tracking staff activity, businesses can also generate an ROI report within Blitz for each lead source. This allows businesses to measure how effective their lists were.

Both companies are enthusiastic about the partnership that will give agents the means to improve their sales process. Archie Heinl, President of Blitz Lead Manager says, “Cole X-Dates provides high quality lists that can be imported into our system seamlessly. Our partnership with Cole X-Dates has helped increase our agent’s sales.”

For more information about Cole X-Dates, you can contact them at (800) 800-3271 or visit their website at http://www.colexdates.com/

For more information about sales software Blitz Lead Manager, you can contact them at (888) 470-0606 or visit their website at https://www.nowblitz.com/.