Cole X-Dates provides insurance agents with a steady stream of high quality leads for a flat fee. Now offering unlimited auto leads including VIN, agents can maximize their time and minimize their efforts with the powerful, easy to use prospecting tool. In addition to vehicle prospects, agents can also target homeowners with homeowner policies up for renewal, conduct proactive referral marketing campaigns, reach out to renters, condo owners, businesses and more.


Blitz Lead Manager is a web based sales tool that keeps businesses focused on the sales process and in front of prospects. Users are able to track leads from any source, distribute them to sales reps, and monitor follow-ups and ROI. Blitz offers features such as neglected leads and real time email notifications to prevent leads from falling through the cracks, and an automated solution to save businesses time and close more deals.


With this integration, leads from Cole X-Dates’s web portal can be transferred automatically to Blitz Lead Manager with the click of a button. This saves valuable time importing the list into Blitz – time that can now be spent on follow ups and building relationships with prospects. Once contacts are added to Blitz, sales reps can log notes, schedule follow up calls, and send emails to keep a close follow up on interested prospects. Leads that aren’t ready to buy now are entered into an automated lead nurturing workflow process, customized to fit their goals.


Jim Eggleston, president and CEO of Cole Information, says, “The cornerstone of Cole X-Dates is providing our agents with high quality, just in time leads. With today’s rapidly evolving technology advancements, it’s easier than ever to provide a seamless solution to finding new customers. That’s why forging a partnership with Blitz Lead Management makes sense. Together, this integration helps agents maximize their marketing efforts, at the same time cuts down on the time and resources agents need to dedicate in order to make that happen.”


President and CEO of Blitz Lead Manager, Archie Heinl, agrees. “One of our goals at Blitz is to relieve the agents of their time spent with technology so that they can focus on selling. This integration eliminates steps in order to get data into Blitz for them automatically so they can start reaching out to prospects immediately.”


For more information about Cole X-Dates, you can contact them at (800)800-3271 or visit their website at http://www.colexdates.com/.


For more information about sales software Blitz Lead Manager, you can contact them at (888) 470-0606 or visit their website at https://www.nowblitz.com/.