simple contact management solution

With the Quick Add feature in Blitz Online Contact Management Software, users can quickly get through their lead lists while simultaneously automating follow-ups.

Among the many timesaving features in Blitz sales contact management software are Quick Adds. The Quick Add functionality from Blitz allows users to add notes, update leads’ dispositions, and schedule follow-ups, all with one click. Since Quick Adds let users indicate changes with a click of their mouse, users save valuable time by not having to manually write out notes for their contacts. Clients find that they can rapidly move through their lead lists because entering in notes on leads takes only a few seconds. Quick Adds are not only easy to use, but also easy to create. Clients have the option to include Quick Adds that come with the system, or make up their own.

When customizing the Quick Add’s within Blitz sales software, having automatic follow-ups can be critical. Users are able to configure their software to automatically schedule follow-ups for each lead. Scheduling follow-ups automatically means that no leads are left to slip through the cracks. Additionally, an automatic follow-up can be scheduled at any time. For example, clients can opt to schedule a follow-up to take place in the next 2 hours, 1 day, or 6 months. Having a consistent follow-up plan leads to more efficient lead tracking as users never have to worry about forgetting to schedule follow-ups. Blitz software also allows clients to choose whether or not they would like to receive email reminders prior to follow-ups. If email reminders are activated, a reminder will be automatically set to send as soon as a follow-up is made.

Because they save time using the Quick Add functionality, users are able to assist more contacts. Archie Heinl, President of Blitz Lead Manager, said, “The Quick Add functionality provides a way for companies and users to get through their leads and follow-ups in not only a quick manner but also in a consistent manner.  Companies are able to save time and drive up their revenue with the increased opportunities.”

Blitz Lead Manager is a web-based lead management system, giving companies the ability to access their leads at any time, on any computer or phone with Internet access. Sales leads are valuable and by using a lead tracking system, businesses have a central hub to keep staff organized and focused. Everyone works leads differently, so Blitz allows for easy customizing to define and facilitate each unique and evolving sales process. In addition, companies are able to run reports to view trends in sales and marketing and revise their process to maximize profit.

For more information, contact Blitz Lead Manager’s support staff at support@blitzleadmanager.com or (888) 470-0606. Not signed up with Blitz yet? Try the Professional edition free for 30 days at http://www.blitzleadmanager.com.