Allstate agents are compiling huge sales results by taking advantage of the latest technology advances.  Blitz Sales Follow-Up Software and Robo-Agent have partnered to provide multiple ways for gaining new business. Using these integrated software packages allows the agents to get more quotes out quickly to potential customers, follow the progress of the leads and convert more business.  The partnership has the made the selling process a lot more seamless as the producers are not required to add the quote to one system and add the lead to another.

One way Allstate agents are using this partnership is by having internet leads automatically quoted, sent to the prospect and then added into the Blitz Sales Follow-Up Software for tracking and follow-up.  This allows the clients to get a quote quickly and takes the burden off the agent.  In addition, the agent will never lose sight of the lead being that it is tracked within Blitz.

Another way Allstate agents have used these technologies is for bulk quoting, mailings and follow-up.  When agents have a list of purchased leads, they can take the leads, have them all quoted and then can be easily mailed or emailed out.  This has worked wonders for Allstate agents because most do not have near the man power to provide anywhere close the amount of quotes or mailings.

The top Allstate agents have leveraged these technologies and have implemented Blitz and Robo-Agent to acquire more customers.  The agents realize that this integration can be used based on their preferences and strategies.  If the agent focuses on internet leads, they can use the integration for auto-quoting and follow-up. If they don’t use internet leads, they can use lists for bulk auto-quoting and mailings along with follow-up.  “We have noticed a large number of agents using both combination’s of our integration to produce superior sales results.” says Archie Heinl, President of Blitz.  Agents can take their business to the next level using these technologies that save time, money and create more sales.

For more information about the Blitz’s sales Sales Follow-Up Software and Robo-Agent partnership, please call at 888-470-0606.