Plan Sales Follow-Up Activities

Blitz Sales Software™ Enables You To Plan Sales Follow-Up Activities With Leads, Referrals, Clients and Past Clients…



Buyers into one database with subfolders to focus sales follow-up activities



Buyers into groups to focus sales follow-up activities


Buyers to target drip emails, auto-dialing lists, bulk mailings, etc.



Buyer sales follow-up activities to automate emails, reminders, tasks


Organize Buyers Into One Database With Sub Folders To Focus…

  1. Referral generation from one or more referral partners
  2. Cross-selling
  3. Renewals
  4. New client acquisition with all types lead sources
  5. Win-backs of past clients

Segment Buyers Into Groups To Focus Sales Follow-Up Activities By Using…

  1. Custom fields
  2. Segmentation tags
  3. Fixed data fields
  4. Sources
Sort buyers

Sort and Filter Buyers To Target…

  1. Drip Emails
  2. Auto-Dialing Lists
  3. Bulk Mailings
  4. Field Sales Call Routing
  5. and just about anything else you can think of

Map Sales Follow-Up Activities i.e. Drip Emails, Call Reminders, Tasks To Automate…

  1. First contact with new leads and referrals
  2. Continuous follow-up with leads, referrals, and prospects
  3. Sending of renewal notices
  4. Referral generation from clients, family, friends, partners
  5. Cross selling
  6. Win-backs