Sales Opportunity Management and Tracking Software

Leads (contacts or customers) that request a quote or proposal and are clearly interested in your products/services are called opportunities within the Blitz lead management software. This sales Sales Opportunity Management and Tracking Software allows you to record opportunities with fields such as status, chance to win (probability), estimated close date and expected revenue.

Opportunity tracking allows you to look across a range of criteria to determine which opportunities are producing the highest close rate so that you can change your marketing strategy to maximize your sales. These opportunities also help to gauge the return on investment (ROI) on the leads. Blitz lead management software gives you this visibility and allows you to see which lead sources are the most effective.

The management of these opportunities involves tracking the sales cycle for a given opportunity for a prospect with sales won or lost. Additionally being able to see the reasons a deal was won or lost can also be examined.

Sales Opportunity Management and Tracking Software

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