Marketing Automation

Blitz Lead Manager’s marketing automation allows businesses to handle a much higher volume of leads, while making it simple to pinpoint the best opportunities for closing sales. By creating a custom and specific lead nurturing program, prospects are presented with relevant material and sales reps are given quality leads that are more likely to buy.


Improve quality of contact

  • Part of marketing automation is bringing in pertinent information about the lead so that staff can follow up appropriately. In Blitz, create custom web forms on your company’s website to capture the necessary information.
  • Design custom email templates with content that is targeted to specific interests and needs.
  • Blitz’s marketing automation templates will substitute the prospect’s information into the email, creating a more personal feel.
  • Deliver emails that align with the prospect’s stage in the buying process.
  • Manage leads from every source in one convenient system.

Manage and track results

  • Find that line between marketing automation and spamming. In Blitz, track email deliverability and opt outs to make sure you’re doing it right.
  • Easily track marketing automation results on the go with mobile access.
  • Run ROI reports to ensure marketing dollars are being spent wisely.
  • Track which lead sources are bringing in the most business, and which services or products are selling the best.

emailmarketingtemplate        projections

Marketing automation in Blitz Lead Manager can be completely customized to fit the needs of prospects and generate maximum interest. The key is using a combination of automatic emails to prospects and staff follow up reminders to hit leads at the most opportune times to nurture and sell leads.

  • New leads – based on the lead’s interests, send relevant information and effectively follow up while they’re still interested
  • Existing leads – leads that were “just looking” or weren’t interested during the initial contact are placed into a lead nurturing process until they are ready to commit
  • Current customers – continue to market appropriate content to current customers for easy cross selling and up-selling
  • Past customers – remind past customers what they are missing out on to gain back previous business

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