Lead Nurturing Best Practices

What is lead nurturing?

In a perfect world, every follow up call or meeting would end in a sale. In reality, many leads are simply browsing and not ready to buy at the first point of contact. Without a consistent lead nurturing process, leads can easily fall through the cracks and opportunities lost. Ideally, lead nurturing can be defined as an intuitive follow up process that guides prospects towards becoming a customer over time.


How does it work?

The key to successful lead nurturing is to target the lead’s specific needs. Instead of waiting for prospects to get back to you when they’re ready, continue to stay in touch by sending valuable material and following up at crucial times.

Blitz Lead Manager’s automated lead nurturing system allows for businesses streamline this process, saving time and effort while producing maximum results. Blitz also has lead nurturing best practices that can be implemented across many industries.  As the situation changes with leads, so will the follow up process – remaining targeted to the buyer’s needs.

Intelligent marketing solution

  • Create personalized email templates that automatically populate the lead’s name and other information
  • Easily update the lead nurturing process with fresh and relevant content, offering immediate value to prospects
  • Create a website form to bring in additional external leads, and target their needs depending on what they were browsing
  • Track staff performance and sales goals
  • Manage sales pipeline and determine which follow up processes are leading to the most sales

Improved follow up process

  • By automating emails, phone calls, and other task reminders, leads are more likely to be contacted – using only one type of contact rules out a large percentage of contacts
  • Blitz’s neglected leads feature prevents leads from falling through the cracks
  • Automatically reassign leads that aren’t being worked
  • Easy one-click solution for logging calls and notes allows for sales producers to move to the next call faster
  • Based on what users are logging, leads can jump in and out of automation depending on the current situation

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Make it work for you

Blitz Lead Manager’s lead nurturing system allows businesses to define their unique process within the system, and can be further customized as their process changes over time. Since Blitz does the setup, it makes it easy to get started. Create different processes for each stage in the sales process:

  • New leads
  • Quoted leads that haven’t purchased
  • Old leads
  • Previous customers that have cancelled
  • Current customers that may be interested in other products or services