Lead Management

Lead management is an organized sales process with the goal of converting a lead into a customer.  Managing leads often consists of obtaining, contacting, and nurturing leads, as well as running reports to determine the overall effectiveness of the current sales process.

Blitz Lead Management Software makes it simple to create a custom sales process that works for your company, and can evolve with different marketing strategies that are implemented.  Blitz’s web-based platform simplifies and automates tasks, creating more time to correspond with leads and customers.

8 ways to easily improve your current lead management process:

link  1. Choose a system that links to other programs you are using.

Automatic transferring of leads and other data prevents you from duplicating efforts. Blitz is integrated with lead providers, dialers, auto-quoting programs, and policy management systems.

diagram  2. Keep all leads in one place.

Leads can be easily imported into Blitz Lead Management Software from any spreadsheet, can automatically be dropped into the system by a web lead provider or telemarketing company, can be entered manually, or retrieved from a website or social media page.

auto-assign-groups  3. Distribute leads to your staff.

Keep leads organized within your staff by assigning them out, giving each employee their own list to work from. Leads in Blitz can be assigned automatically, by percentage, or one at a time.

star  4. Prioritize leads.

For better lead management, choose leads that best meet the criteria of a potential sale and call those leads first. Blitz can filter and sort leads by any criteria to narrow down your list.

history-note (1)  5. Keep leads updated.

Always log activity after each correspondence with your leads to make lead tracking easier. Blitz allows you to take detailed notes and mark leads the appropriate disposition, so you will always know exactly where you left off.

click (1)  6. Nurture contacted leads.

Some leads don’t convert immediately, and may require follow up calls and emails. Set up personal and automated follow ups to touch base until the prospect is ready to buy. Blitz Lead Management Software’s Workflow functionality automatically sends emails to leads and schedules appointments for your staff until the leads are either sold or not interested.

email2  7. Customer service.

Once the sale has been made, keep them around with good customer service and automated email updates about your product or service.

reporting (1) 8. Reevaluate your sales process.

Periodically running reports will tell you what (and who) is and isn’t working. Blitz provides simple reports to tell you which sales and marketing techniques are producing the most new customers.

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