Blitz Sales Software™ For Fitness Centers

Blitz CRM for fitness centers allows each location to better monitor leads, current clients, and past clients. Customer retention has always been a sore spot for gyms and fitness centers. According to research from IHRSA, the majority of fitness clubs have an attrition rate of 30-50 percent, which is the number of members who don’t rejoin each year. That means over the course of 365 days, many gyms are losing up to half of their customers. Why does this happen? There are many different reasons why some gym-goers disappear and never return, but implementing some strong customer retention strategies can help keep attrition numbers down. Read More…
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7 Ways the Blitz CRM for Fitness Centers Helps Retain Clients And Continue To Grow Their Client Base!


1. Automatic Follow-up with emails and tasks for Leads, Referrals, Clients and Past Clients

•  Blitz CRM for fitness centers automatically schedules follow-ups and sends emails on your behalf in order to keep in front of leads, referrals, clients and past clients.

2. Website or Social Media Requests

•  Web forms for your website leads can be set to come directly into the system.  Once they are in Blitz, they can be automatically assigned to a rep and be part of the automatic follow-up process.

3. Auto-Dialing

•  Blitz CRM for fitness centers had multiple auto-dialers built into the system. This allows agents to quickly get through their leads or contacts.

4. Sales and Service Rep Notifications (email, text, phone)

•  Blitz will instantly notify reps of appointments, new leads via email phone.

5. Neglected Leads or Contacts

•  Blitz CRM for fitness centers has a neglected leads feature that makes sure that leads or contacts don’t fall through the cracks. If leads are not being followed-up on the agent, manager and staff will be able to see it.

6. Lead Popping and Click to Call with VOIP

•  Blitz CRM for fitness centers allows agents to be able to have the contact pop-up on their screen when a contact calls in and also allows them to use click-to-call functionality to eliminate the manual dialing.

7. Reporting

•  Blitz has built-in reporting to help track calls, emails, deals and more.

Please review our lead manager, referral manager, client manager and past client manager to see the many things that you can utilize within the system.

Automate Your Sales and Marketing Activities with Blitz Sales Software™

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Blitz Sales Software™ Enables You To…


Sales Follow Up Strategy

  • Plan Follow-Up Activities
  • Organize Sales Follow-Up Data
  • Segment Prospects & Customers
  • Sort and Filter Data


Sales Follow Up Plan

  • Get contacts into One System
  • Send Drip Emails
  • Automatically Schedule Reminders
  • Record History Note


Sales Follow Up Execution

  • Track Sales Opportunities
  • Track Sales Pipeline Milestones
  • Generate On/Offline Reports
  • Monitor and Coach People

Want To Be More Efficient?

Blitz Sales Software™ Helps You:

Close More Deals

The difference between top salespeople and the rest of the pack is being efficient and not letting leads fall through the cracks even after the first “no”.

Automate Follow Up

Start spending more time closing more deals while Blitz Sales Software automates the manual day to day operations following up with your contacts.

Increase Productivity

With the Blitz Sales Software Intelligent Automation, your staff no longer gets distracted with day to day activities but rather gets to-do lists daily.

Close Opportunities

Stop missing opportunities to close more deals. Blitz Sales Software uses intelligent workflow to stay in front of customers and leads.
Blitz Sales Software™ Works With Any…


Mobile Phone



What Kind of Training and Support Do You Have?

Free Onboarding

We offer great onboarding and training for Blitz. We want to make sure you can automate manual work using our system the way it can best help you.

Best Practices

With the Free, Training comes free suggestions when setting up the system. We help suggest best practices when setting up our systems.

1-on-1 Attention

Worried about everyone in your office being trained? We have you covered! Each user is trained so they fully understand each system.

Online Tutorials

Receive access to Video Tutorials, Invitations to “Best Practices” webinars, and our Online Help Desk to help address any questions.
Quick Statistics of Blitz Sales Software™


Increase in The Number Of Policies Written In Your Agency


Increase in Production Using Blitz Sales Software


Increase In The Amount of Quotes Yearly Using Our Intelligent Automation

What Are Professionals Saying About Blitz Sales Software™?

“I love the fact that it will send us reminders to make phone calls for leads and it sends follow up emails out for us. This is critical instead of relying on the human brain to remind us on every lead.”

Joey Lee

Agency Owner, Joey Lee Agency

"Blitz allows us to maximize our time and customize our processes to make us more efficient. While this isn't necessarily easy to set up and achieve, once you get the hang of it and with get the help of one of their customer service reps., you'll be selling more business in no time. Alex (our account manager) is exceptional and top notch!"

Andrew Neveils

Office Manager, The Chapman Agency

“I started using Blitz to manage my leads for insurance sales, but with it's array of benefits, I've been able to use this product in many facets outside of that. Furthermore, managing a sales team and their processes can't be made much easier than using this system. With follow-up being so important in any sales organization, Blitz streamlines the functions of running a sales force and holding everyone accountable.”

Paul Connolly

Owner, Connolly and Associates

Frequently Asked Questions

I use an Agency Management tool, Why would I need Blitz?

That’s great! Blitz works alongside your Agency Management tool to ensure people are constantly being contacted with either calls, emails, or both calls and emails. Using Blitz’s Intelligent Workflow this process can be completely automated with no human intervention.

How Does Blitz Intelligent Workflow Work?

Our intelligent workflows scan every lead in the system and perform acts based on different triggers. This automates your follow up so you don’t have to spend time doing each action.

How does Blitz Generate Referrals?

Blitz has a feature called a Web form that can be given to any referral partner or can be sent to customers asking for referrals. This is basically a “Contact Us” form that adds the lead directly to your database.

My data is in another application. How can I get existing data into Blitz?

Blitz provides a migration service that will update your leads in Blitz that you export from another system. This allows you to switch systems without starting over from scratch. All we need is to update the Status, Milestone, Source, and Assigned user of your previous system to get started. Interested in learning more, Click Here.

How does Blitz use Automation to Improve Follow up?

Blitz’s workflow feature allows you to use automation to target segmented leads and schedule follow-up appointments and even contact them via email.

Can I access my contacts on the go?

Of course! Blitz Mobile allows you to access all the contacts as well as continue the day to day work while you are on the go meeting new clients and booking more deals. Read More…

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