Individuals (Sales, Service, Marketing)


Producer: This helps them track their day-to-day engagements with leads. It tells them who they should be contacting, and lets them see their own productivity and where they are with their goals.

  • They can see a detailed schedule on who they need to follow up with
  • Blitz allows them to see all previous interactions so they are able to effectively communicate with buyers
  • The new matrix allows them to segment their leads based on the sales pipeline with one click (For instance they want to call all of their pending proposals or hot leads today)

Customer Service Representatives: They usually don’t have leads assigned to them, but might log in to look up a leads information or to add a note.

  • Normally they work in the policy management system. But they could use Blitz to update a lead maybe for a cross selling opportunity

Telemarketing: They are either entering leads as they get them, which then get assigned to a producer, or they will be a user in Blitz making calls and logging notes. But once they get someone who is interested they will reassign to a producer.

  • Record all previous history notes, contact attempts etc.
  • Be able to quickly transfer and assign to a producer
  • Use features like click to call and quick actions to increase call volume (Our reps make 20 calls per hour easy)


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