How does Blitz work?

Agencies that value continuous sales follow-up with leads, renewals, cross selling opportunities, up selling, and even win backs are using Blitz to reach their max potential. Blitz is a sales follow-up system that gives them the freedom to build their own personal “all in one” system that is a perfect fit for your industry and book of business. Blitz is built to help minimize manual work when following up with leads, referrals, clients, and even past clients saving the user time and money. Below is some information on how Blitz helps insurance agencies work smarter not harder.

Table of Contents:

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  1. Defining Contact Types and System Set up for Sales Follow-Up
  2. Converting/Migrating Contacts
  3. Getting Contacts into one system and Assigning them
  4. Automating first contact and continuous Sales Follow-up Activities (ie. drip emails, calls, and tasks)
  5. Recording and Tracking daily Sale Follow-Up activities
  6. Email for Sales Follow-up
  7. Calendar for Sales Follow-Up
  8. Phones for Sales Follow-Up
  9. Reporting on Sales Follow-Up
  10. Coaching of Sales Team
  11. Linking Blitz to Other Systems (including Allstate Systems)

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