How are the Follow-up’s Automated?

How do automated follow-up’s help and how do they work?

There are many times that people do not close the deal the first time that we talk to a prospect or cross-sell a customer and so it comes down to follow-up.  The questions you have to ask are:

  •  Did this contact get put into our follow-up system?
  •  Did a follow-up reminder call or email get scheduled?
  •  If after the first follow-up did another follow-up get scheduled?

Blitz (sales force automation software) allows contacts to come into the system automatically from referral partners, lead vendors, telemarketer’s, manual entry and more.  Once the contact is in the system, the workflows (automated follow-up plans built-in to Blitz) will take over which enables:

  • Contacts will always get a follow-up scheduled reminder for the assigned to person so nothing falls through the cracks.
  • Automatic emails can be sent to the customer so they are at least in touch with them and get a consistent message (email template defined by company).
  • Each users already has their schedule populated each day and does not have to wonder who and when to call.

Start a workflow or automated follow-up plan today with Blitz for your business and start closing more business!


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