Keep Your Contact History ORGANIZED Using Blitz Sales CRM Software

More Organized. Less Searching.

With Blitz’s contact history feature, teams can take personal notes on the contact, not forget what was discussed in the last connection, and even keep teams in different departments up to date with what the contact is facing. 



Contains a FULL log of all contact points the contact has


Using Status and milestones, you can see where the contact is in the sales pipeline from new to sold.


Track Communication

Easily send emails right from the contact history screen to follow up with contacts.

Source Tracking

See where the contact came from to help build more rapport with the contact.

Contact Updates

If your assigned contact is contacted by another team member, you will receive an email of what was discussed during that touchpoint so you won’t miss anything. 

Mobile Access

Access your notes whether you are in the office or not. No more being “unsure” what you discussed prior.



Each history log gives staff the ability to attach any documentation that contact needs or submitted to you in one place. 

User Management

Keep your data secure, only give access to certain customizations based on user profiles.

Have Access To Contact Information and Documents in ONE Place

Blitz is a cloud-based Business CRM software that gives you access to contact history and documentation at your fingertips when you need it. Allow other employees to assist each other because they have all the current information available about any contact. By documenting notes, your team will never miss a beat!

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