Features Of Blitz Sales CRM Software

Each feature of a Sales CRM software, like Blitz, should be understandable and help your business be more efficient. 

Understanding Our Features and Benefits

As you review our features and benefits, it is important to keep in mind that we build software for the express purpose of eliminating manual work activities for employees, supervisors, and owners of businesses. We have a passion for helping small businesses grow by enabling them to do less manual day-to-day work.

Blitz Sales Software™ is built and maintained by our internal software programmers which allows us to constantly develop the system. We are able to add new functionality and features to meet the evolving needs you have in your business.

Check Out The Features and Benefits of Our Intelligent Sales Software

Web Forms

Web forms are just what we call “Contact Us” forms. These forms can be used by your business in many different ways. For example, use a web form to capture your contacts when you are attending a trade show, put it on your website to gather interested leads, use one on your phone to remember names when you are attending a networking night, or even give one to a friend or referral partner to help build your book of business. Our customers use web forms to gather contacts in a quick and easy way! The Blitz web form is one of the most versatile features in our Sales Management system.

Workflow Automation

The intelligent workflow automation within Blitz Sales Software now allows the front end of your sales pipeline to work itself. What does that mean? It means that using this feature allows you to stay in front of prospects or gives you a better opportunity to upsell or cross-sell a current customer. Our intelligent workflow automation adds appointments, sends emails, updates the current status of contacts, and much much more. If you want to learn more about this feature within Blitz, Click here! We wrote a white paper to help you better understand this feature!

One-Click Automation

Part of being a sales manager is making the training process for employees easy and ensuring that the data shared between employees is consistent. Blitz has a built-in “One-Click Automation” called a Quick Action. Quick Actions allow you to click once to leave a specific note, update the information about the call, and update a contact’s status and milestone to change where the contact is in the sales pipeline. This means spending less time answering employee questions and more time having your employees close deals with contacts.

Access On The Go

No business in the 21st century is isolated to just an office. Needing to access your contacts on the go can be the difference between closing a sale and missing an opportunity. Using Blitz Mobile on the go, you can now contact your clients between meetings or be able to quickly see where your team is with a contact in the sales process.


To run any business, generating reports is necessary to see where you stand month over month and day over day. Blitz puts this power in the hands of the account administrator. We give you the ability to see specific reports so you know how your team is doing in closing deals (ROI), how productive your workflows are at engaging customers, where each prospect is in the sales pipeline, and the deliverability of your emails. Each report is meant to increase transparency for the administrator of the system.

Track Opportunities

Do you find yourself struggling to see if you will hit your numbers? Or if you manage a team of employees,  are you able to see whether or not your staff will hit their numbers? The opportunities feature in Blitz gives you an idea of where your team is at in closing opportunities. Being able to tie a price to each opportunity, you can easily track how close you are to meeting your personal goals or, if you are in management, seeing whether your team will meet the team goal each month.


Integrations give you the ability to make this system your very own. We have partners in Lead generation, VoIP Phone systems, Auto Dialers, and much more. To see a full list of our partners, Click Here! We believe that for you to really get the most out of our sales software, it should be built the way you want it. Ours is one of the only systems that is truly built as an all-in-one, customizable system.

Meeting / Appointment Scheduling

Allowing your team to stay up to date with other employees is why we have appointment scheduling and a calendar functionality included within Blitz. This is a great feature that allows other people to view and set appointments on each other’s calendars. It also directly integrates with Outlook’s calendar so you can see more than your Blitz schedule in live time!


Emailing is something that can be overlooked in other software. With Blitz, we give our users the ability to send preset emails (templates), the chance to write their own custom emails, and the opportunity to send a targeted email to their customers. All businesses are different, but we believe that an email is still a crucial form of communication between you and your contacts.

User Management

Blitz has two different profiles within the system: an Administrator and a User. The administrator has access to make changes, updates, and import contacts. In contrast, the front-end user is only given access to what they need to be successful in their day to day work. If you do have some employee turnover, with Blitz, you can simply change the username and information for that license and keep using the license you are paying for. There is no fine print to make this process difficult, and we believe that as an administrator it should be effortless!

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