Why do top Allstate agents use Blitz in addition to eAgent?

Top Allstate agents use Blitz to automate manual sales follow-up activities with leadsreferrals, contract renewals, cross-selling, and past client win-backs:

1. Before sales conversations

  • Segmenting contacts based on status, milestone, and source so you can requote, close pending proposals, renew contacts and cross-sell with pinpoint accuracy so you don’t waste time, money and morale
  • Automatically enter internet leads, assign them, send notifications and schedule reminders – no more manual entry in your other systems
  • Using web forms to receive web site visitors, social media followers, event guests, referral partners and other leads
  • Automatically schedule reminders and drip emails to sustain sales follow-up with leads and referrals until first contact has been made

2. During sales conversations

3. After sales conversations

  • Automatically enter new customer information from Blitz into eAgent – no more double entry of information
  • Automatically schedule follow-up meetings, calls and tasks…each day Blitz will fill the LSP’s calandar with who and when to call. Eliminate manual scheduling of to-do’s which may or may not happen
  • Automatically re-assign leads, referrals, clients and past clients that are being neglected or that need to be transferred to another department/person, so you sales follow-up activities don’t fall through the cracks
  • Tracking and reporting of staff and sales people
  • Automatically receive notifications the instant a sales history note is made on a contact, so you can monitor daily sales activities and coach your staff and sales people
  • Automatically schedule reminders and send drip emails to sustain sales follow-up with:
    • Leads and referrals until first contact has been made and/or to re-quote them
    • New customers to welcome them
    • Customers to ensure they renew and to cross-sell them
    • Past customers to win them back


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