Working Leads Quickly

Blitz Lead Manager provides ways to work through your sales leads in a quick, easy and organized manner.  You will be able to update notes on a lead, schedule a follow up, set an email reminder and then move onto the next lead.  Simple and fast!There are a few steps and rules before an import can be performed:

  • Go to the menu and select Leads -> Lead List.  From this screen you will want to select the campaign of leads you are looking to work on.
  • Click the “Show Filter Options” check box.
  • Go the status field and select the status “New”.  Note:  The trick is to pick a field that is going to change with your update to the lead so that it falls off your list.
  • Click the first lead on your list.
  • On the “Lead Log” screen you can select the “Quick Add” drop down.  This will automatically enter the history note, schedule the follow up (optional) and set a reminder  email (optional). Note: You can also enter a note and schedule a follow up manually from this screen.
  • Close out of the “Lead Log” screen.
  • Notice that your screen is refreshed and you just can click the next lead!