Drip marketing is a common tool used for nurturing leads and contacts. It automatically sends, or “drips”, pre-written emails to leads over time based on specific pre-determined criteria, such as the date the contact was added or the contract date. This tool is often used for reminders or for advertising purposes, to keep your lead educated on what your company can offer them. It eliminates a lot of time spent on keeping track and reaching out to leads. Drip Marketing is a powerful tool, but is static and cannot be customized.

Blitz Sales Follow-Up Software has released a more advanced feature, Workflow, which does more than simply sending out emails. Below are the key differences between Workflow and Drip Marketing:

  1. Automatic scheduled follow ups: Some leads respond better to phone calls than emails, so Blitz will ensure you are doing both. If the lead is assigned to someone, Blitz will automatically add an appointment to that user’s schedule so they can call the lead right when the automatic email is sent out.
  2. Bumping up contract dates: Drip marketing is static. When a contract date is approaching, drip marketing will send emails to leads based on that date. Once the date passes, the emails will stop and the lead will fall off your radar. Blitz’s Workflow addresses this issue and will update the contract date to their next one, enabling the process to continue.
  3. Customization: Workflow is completely customizable based on your needs. You can choose which types of leads you would like to target. You can update all the emails that are sent out, decide when the emails should be sent out, and select whether or not you would like the scheduled follow-ups to be added to your user’s schedules. You can customize how far in the future the contact dates are bumped up if you choose to use that feature. Our support staff will work with you to create the ideal Workflow for your business.

Closing a sale can take a lot of time and effort. Workflow was created to take a lot of this busywork off your hands so you can focus on communicating with your prospects instead of organizing contacts and sending out dozens of emails. It’s like hiring an assistant!

If you think Workflow could work for you, contact Blitz at (419)841-8800 or support@blitzleadmanager.com