Finding great sales people that can take your company to the next level is important but often is hard to do.  Do you know where to find sales people that will fit into your organization? Here are 4 creative ways to find the right candidates for your sales team.

1. Start looking at restaurants when eating out
People who work with customers every day, such as waiters and waitresses often have great people skills because their jobs depend on good tips. When you are at a restaurant, coffee shop, or deli strike up conversations with the staff to get an idea if they might be a good fit for your organization in a sales role. By their very nature, these employees are experts at multi-tasking so they might be worth considering if you need to expend your sales team.

2. Consider the persuasive sales people at the mall
When at the mall or shopping for a new car, or even a pair of new shoes, think about how helpful and persuasive the person assisting you talking you into a new option you hadn’t previously considered. There are a lot of great sales people out there who don’t necessary work as part of a sales team at a large organization. Stop for a moment if there might be a diamond in the rough that would be a valuable asset for your business.

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where to find sales people

3. Look at business owners who might be looking for a change
It always pays to hire smart people. Those individuals who are owners of successful businesses have proven themselves to be intelligent and dedicated, and can probably sell ice to Eskimos. These are exactly the kind of people you need on your sales team.  Talk to your family and friends to see if there are any business owners who are looking for a change or simply prefer to work for someone else.

4. Turn your customers passion for your brand into a paying gig
Do you have a customer that just loves your company and your staff? Do they sing your praises at nearly every turn and have provided you a wealth of testimonials and recommendations over the years? People who understand your product or service and have a passion and appreciate for what you do would be great candidates to join your sales team. Ask around and see if any of them would be interested joining your sales team in some capacity.

where to find sales people

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Where have you find sales people for your organization? Do you have any tips for our audience on where to find sales people? Share your feedback in the comments below!