Blitz allows you to customize when you receive emails regarding the progress of leads in the system. You determine which updates you receive in your profile settings. To change which updates you receive, click the My Profile button in the navigation panel. Here you can change the following options:

The Notify me about dropdown allows you to determine which updates you would like to receive. All New Log History Entries will notify you any time a lead log history is added to any lead in the system, Leads Assigned To My Company will notify you when a lead log history is added to leads assigned to your company, and Leads Assigned To Me will alert you only to lead log entries of leads assigned to you.

The Notify me when status is will email you when the specified status has been reached for a lead, just as the Notify me when milestone is will email you when a particular milestone has been achieved.

The Notify me of my updates checkbox determines if you would like to receive emails about updates you have made to leads in addition to updates others have made.

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Profile Email Settings