Do you know what makes a good insurance agent?

All insurance agents want to succeed.  But some insurance agents succeed and seem to have the magic touch, while other have a hard time succeeding.  Why is that? Well, there could be many reasons but often it comes down to these 7 things which help you become a better insurance agent.

What makes a good insurance agent?
Having a strong professional network

Surround yourself with people that you want to emulate.  Only allow those individuals who will assist you with personal and professional growth to be part of your inner circle.  Your professional network should include – but shouldn’t be limited to – just those in the insurance industry.  This will increase your drive and willingness to succeed.

What makes a good insurance agent?
Having a solid routine

Make yourself accountable each week by having and sticking to regular hours.  This will allow you to demonstrate dependability for your co-workers, your supervisors, and your customers.  But also allow your routine to include some time for yourself and your own personal growth.  For some, this might include taking an hour or so each week to organize and plan your week, and take stock of what transpired in the previous week.

What makes a good insurance agent?
Wanting to learn and get better

We are often our own worst enemy.  Have the confidence to know that you can do your job well while simultaneously having an inner fire that wants to improve and get better.  Work with a sense of urgency, and making getting better a high priority at all times.

What makes a good insurance agent?
Willingness to be available

Sometimes when you most want to take a break or carve out sometime for yourself, the phone rings.  While it’s important to have a good work, life balance make sure that you still make yourself willing to be available for your customers when they need you. Sometimes that can be the difference between landing – or not landing – your next account.

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What makes a good insurance agent?
Being persistent

Building a strong sales pipeline when you are an insurance agent takes a lot of hard work, time, effort, and persistence.  Keep trying and keep moving forward no matter how many doors get closed to you.  Focus on how you can succeed instead of why you will fail, and you will always be able to see the positive in nearly any situation.

What makes a good insurance agent?
Being highly disciplined

Excellence will create excellence and inspire other.  Achieving a high level of success and personal fulfillment can be achieved by encouraging your staff to and yourself to improve and get better.  This will take a lot of hard work, but will result in achieving personal growth and growth in others.

What makes a good insurance agent?
Willingness to take risks

During the course of your career as an insurance agent, it’s easy to forget along the way to take some risks. When we take a risk, we also take a chance that we will fail.  Failure might sound scary, but as Albert Einstein once said, “Failure is success in progress.”  Take a chance once in a while, but just understand the consequences and next steps either way with grace and dignity.

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What makes a good insurance agent at your company? Share your thoughts, opinions, and insight with our audience! We’d love to hear from you!